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who are we ?

Art Avenue is an association of artists having in common a passion for the Automobile. Born from a sense of togetherness during the Rétromobile show of February 2009, we’ve added a practical purpose to our friendship. In the restaurant, scribbling on a napkin, we’ve tried out several proposals for condensing our various styles and close feelings in one.  It’s true, we come from quite different regions, France, Germany, Belgium and our artistic background  and vision differs accordingly. Maybe that’s why we met in the first place, to learn from each other.

Actually, the automobile is the center of our  creative interest, but "Art Avenue" remains open for other themes like Aviation or Marine and new creative talents will be wellcome.

Please, come and meet the painters and sculptors of "Art Avenue", their different styles that unite in a quest for the beauty of machines of a more or less recent past. They’ve been driving or flying, and sometimes fast. Some broke down along the way. They had in common the elegance and class that characterized their  pilot as well.
We’ll show you that we’re in love with them, and short of driving them ourselves, they’re the inspiration of our paintings and scuptures.

Art Avenue

PS : Visit our gallery at Retromobile 2010 !

photo Générale
From left to right : Hervé Nys, Marcus, and with long hairs : François Bruère (member of Artist Auto), Uli Ehret and Audrey, Christope Parodi and at the right (wild) side, Benoit Deliège... In the middle, our mascot : Tina...